Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Five Open Supersecrets about Bloggers

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

“What has been written without effort is generally read without pleasure.”

I read that from an
n+1 book review several months ago. The review, which cited a list of open supersecrets about bloggers, made me question—and somehow alter--my online habits. I am so guilty of what it says that I felt myself shrink in embarrassment.

Here’s Lee Siegel’s list of five open supersecrets about bloggers:

1. Not everyone has something valuable to say.
2. Few people have anything original to say.
3. Only a handful of people know how to write well.
4. Most people will do almost anything to be liked.
5. "Customers" are always right, but "people" aren't.

The list may be severely candid, cutting and cruel, but there’s some truth to it, right? "The proliferation of writing, often done in a hurry, may be driving out the opportunity and motivation for creating carefully honed text."

What do you think?


witsandnuts said...

There's some truth to that. I think a certain blog will always be evolving. What we write/share also depends on our blogging intention(s). =)

Angeli said...

yes. the good thing about blogging is that it evolves. we grow, we learn, we improve. :)

eks said...

i agree. but to to be honest, i didn;t think it was a secret that there are only a handful of us who know how to write really, really well.

(and what i just said proves your #1. :-))

hi, angeli!

Anonymous said...

you are exception to all of the above!! and you only drink beer for love. :)

artemis said...

well a blog is just a blog. mine is just for fun and yes, for writing practice (grins).. if i have something original and serious I wont write it online. I'm going to put it in a book and sell it. what the heck. hehehe

Angeli said...

@eks, artemis

if readers don't like how and what us bloggers write, then they should just stop reading. it's so easy to click that exit button, diba? :)

Here's my answer to the list. LOL

you are reading this through the distorting lens of love. :)

Angeli said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kayni said...

just like now - i have nothing, i mean nothing, absolutely worth blogging about.

Anonymous said...

It's a good guide list, certainly worth paying attention to because it reads as good sense.

jacqueline said...

i think that i am guilty of all those five points sometimes. :)

but my blog is just my journal, being shared with those who would want to read it. :)

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