Monday, July 13, 2009

Somber, Elegiac Notes

Monday, July 13, 2009

It was the morning of Sunday. Propelled by the chilly remnants of the previous night’s storm, the wind blew with vindictive force, making the curtains dance and bathing the entire room with a startling freshness. I sat down to breathe it all in, but it felt as if something’s missing. Music, I told myself. The soulful sound produced by the silky strings of the cello would complete it.

As I listened to Mstislav Rostropovich’s rendition of J. S. Bach’s Cello Suites, the wind seemed to hum and sigh with the cello’s deep, melancholic tone. Like a fierce storm sweeping through, its somber, elegiac notes pervaded the room and suffused me with pure joy. My moment of clarity finally arrived. I have never felt that peaceful for quite a long time.


Agnes said...


Kayni said...

throw me some clarity here...i need some.

Anonymous said...

True power to connect is in music.

Check this one from blogger K8 the GR8:

Music: heart: love: when those three get put together, we connect with the soul.

Anonymous said...

aw shucks! beautifully written! bravo!

you just decribed how i feel when i listen to 'nagimas kan mayang'. :)

artemis said...

cool..i thought i was reading a novel :-)

jacqueline said...

the moment i woke up last Sunday, the music i heard was lorenz's snoring! *lol*

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