Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

That first chilly morning, I lay in bed swathed in a thick blanket and watched sleepily through my eyelashes as daylight seeped into my old room and bathed it with a soft radiance. Letting my eyes roam, I was struck with delight when I saw the small burnay I bought from Vigan still filled with coins as I left it, several moldy notebooks scribbled with my youthfully inexperienced views on life, the medals I used to take for granted but had always been a source of parental pride, the closet packed with antiquated clothes that reminded me of my hopelessly dowdy, cluelessly unfashionable self. Everything I fixed my eyes on was clothed in bittersweet poignancy. Through a haze of nostalgia it slowly dawned on me that that room had become a reliquary of the detritus of my childhood, of countless memories both sacred and profane. There it lingered the life I left behind.

I heard the familiar chirping of birds, the faint sound of vehicles passing by, and nothing else. Everything was still. But I sensed a wonderful acceleration of life lying dormant beneath that morning’s stillness. When I opened the windows, the mildewed indoor smell pushed out and blended with that unmistakable Baguio air. I felt the cold rush in like a welcome greeting - settling me, telling me that all is well: I am home. Even for just a few days.


witsandnuts said...

I missed being home. When I vacationed last time, I revisited my old things in the baul, some of the things inside it are old clips from my highschool paper, medals, photos, etc.

Amelia said...

it's so nice to be "home" :)

Angeli said...

finding those old things is like unearthing forgotten treasures. it's like having a treasure trove of fond memories. :)

yes, amelia. it's great to be home. kahit sandali lang. :)

Anonymous said...

Perhaps a bit forced Angeli. Tell it without unnecessary words. Only those short brief sentences retain the power to suck the reader in.

For instance; omit 'through my eyelashes' and it becomes more inviting to read 'watched sleepily as daylight seeped'. What do you think?

However, it's writing I couldn't have done because as the story moves on you very succinctly reveal your voice and you use short sentences. I believe you could have written of an entire day wherein the discovery laid by the seemingly simple events of your past life were the incidental foundations that necessarily determined your reading and interpretation of the present day.

Well done Angeli.

Angeli said...

oh, i truly appreciate that, Unstranger. i always wanted to know how my readers think of not only what i write about but also how i write it. criticism, whether positive or negative, is always welcome. it's one of the ways i can polish my craft, right? again, thank you.

Agnes said...

Beautiful, Angeli.

Kayni said...

home is where the heart is.

Anonymous said...

i say the burnay is sacred. there are spirits in it.

Angeli said...

Thank you, Agnes. :)

Kayni, I believe so, too.

(Anonymous) And you won't let me buy that burnay from chatuchak? hah! :)

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