Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Changing Priorities

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Priorities often change suddenly throughout the day. If you are asked to quickly do another task, how does that affect your mood?

I usually ask that question to our applicants. It won’t affect them much. That’s their usual answer. But then again, what they say may differ from how they’d actually feel.

With priorities constantly in flux is how a typical day at work goes for me. As soon as I start working on something, I immediately get summoned to work on something else - something that calls for more immediate attention. The textbook I’m editing gets squeezed in between interviews and meetings; the research project I’m working on gets interrupted when suddenly I need to write an article, a contract or some other communication. All these and yet I’m guilty of making time to write for my blog. (Just like now, they’re calling me to attend a meeting so I need to continue writing this later.)

I don’t call it multi-tasking. It’s more like rapidly shifting your focus from one thing to another and maintaining the quality of your work without freaking out. It gets really distracting sometimes, particularly when I cannot give my full attention to the work I’m supposed to be really doing; but since it happens to me almost every day, it’s something I have not only grown used to but also learned to enjoy.


eks said...

you really are the go-to girl of your company, huh? :-)

in my case, it is actually the opposite. it's too difficult for me to focus, i.e., to do just one task for a long time. in fact, i tend to look for other things to do while doing even an urgent task. that's the only way i can 'concentrate' i think. :-)

Anonymous said...

So open up your own business. That way you decide who gets those calls, while you write what you want to, seem a no-brainer to me!

witsandnuts said...

I enjoy multi-tasking and looking at my to-do list and crossing them out one by one. But occasionally I have my lazy days, too.

d_d_d said...

as i read your post, i can just see you uncrossing your legs and with composure push yourself up and look away from the monitor... grace under pressure :)

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