Sunday, May 17, 2009

why begin something you can't finish?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

There's something missing here, I thought while staring at one of the walls in my apartment. My Water of Life cross-stitch, framed and all, should have been up there a long time ago. For reasons that can only be indexed under neglect and laziness, it still remains unfinished. Why begin something that you can't finish, I asked myself.

Filled with the sudden urge to see the Water of Life hanging on that blank wall, I brought out the pattern, the needle, the thread from where they were hidden and continued, yet again, with the project I started years ago.


Amelia said...

will look forward for the finish product Angeli :) all the best for that ;)

Angeli said...

amelia, i so look forward to finishing it, too. sana nga, matapos ko na. :)

d_d_d said...

kaya yan ange! it just struck me, when i was at the "A"cademy where we both worked in, once upon a time, i was able to finish two major cross stitch projects and one small one.... methinks, there is a relationship between working there and needing something to pass the time :D LOL

jacqueline said...

that's my problem too, A. at least yours is a complex project to work on.

eh di ba tapos na yan? frame na lang ang kulang?

Angeli said...


at least while i was there, the free time i had was devoted to thesis writing (and to working on projects that weren't really under our office..) :)

someone told me that cross-stitching is for spinsters.. but look at you now, happy with P and baby Jack. :)


hindi pa sya tapos, may mga maliliit pang kulang. mga tig-iisang square.. how is your tweety project, by the way?

Kayni said...

i think that will look great when it's all finished and framed. parang symbol nga Aquarian, is it?

mordsith said...

oops. im kinda guilty of starting things I cannot finish, or planned not finishing. hehe.

sana matapos mo na yang cross-stitch project mo. :)

Angeli said...

Oo nga no, Kayni? Parang Aquarius nga.. and we're both Aquarians, right? :)

Sana nga, Mordsith, sana nga.... (with fingers crossed)


Kayni said...

yes, we're both Aquarians =).

jacqueline said...

oh A, I can't even remember where I have kept my unfinished tweety project... hmmmm.. :-S

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