Monday, May 18, 2009

No Frills

Monday, May 18, 2009

The smiling flight attendants directed us to the rear of the aircraft, all the way to the seats numbered X and Y whose backrests have stickers that say in big, bold letters, “NO FRILLS.” That’s were passengers with non-refundable, non-rebookable, non-endorsable, non-upgradable Philippine Airlines (PAL) EconoLight tickets are usually seated. We found out later that having an EconoLight ticket means more than where we were seated.

According to the PAL website:

The PAL EconoLight Class is the new "NO-FRILLS" product of PAL offered in all its regular domestic flights (excluding PAL Express) and selected international destinations. Priced lower than regular Economy Fiesta Class and designed with lesser amenities. PAL EconoLight is targeted to the budget-conscious segment of the traveling market.
By “Frills” PAL means meals, headsets, bassinets, special handling, seat reservations, lounge access, and mileage accrual. While the passengers in front of us were served complete meals, we were only given a small packet of peanuts with our choice of drink (coffee, water, juice or tea). With the delicious aroma of food engulfing our nostrils, “we’re being treated like paupers here," I said with gleeful laughter. Pillows and blankets are, thankfully, not considered frills as food and headsets were.

Having anticipated what the EconoLight class entails, we brought with us some snacks to munch on, cards to play with and a couple of books (The Human Genome for him and The Stone Diaries for me) to read during the three-and-a-half-hour flight to Thailand. For that short span of time aboard the plane, it wasn’t really that terrible. We paid 50 percent less of the amount paid by the passengers seating in the Economy Fiesta Class (the ones directly in front of us), almost four times less than that of the Business Restricted and nine times less than that of Business Unrestricted. It’s even 20 percent less than that of what the competing airline, Cebu Pacific, offers.

We were so excited about the trip that we didn’t mind the lack of amenities. And the money we saved from this cheap means of travel we spent on exploring the place we traveled to, instead.


Anonymous said...

the beef jerky was perfect with the peanuts. :)

Angeli said...

we should have brought more food! hahaha

d_d_d said...

aawww.... you two are so sweet!

d_d_d said...

you two are so sweet! :) who needs the frills when you have each other for company?

Amelia said...

at least your in PAL ;)

Angeli said...

You are right, Dina. We had each other. :)

We probably are going to avail of the same PAL product, Amelia. Mas tipid. :)

artemis said...

interesting, i didn't know PAL has that... well, it has to compete with the quickly-growing budget airlines..

Angeli said...

seats are limited and it's available only when you book online. so it's better if you do your booking in advance. mas tipid siya talaga. check it out, artemis.

jacqueline said...

so it's not just the seats... :) it's ok, you can just bring in your own "frills" next time :)

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