Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Looking for a Template

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

There are lots of easily downloadable blogger templates on the web but I can’t seem to find one that would be perfect for this blog. Muffled Solitude is in dire need of a makeover.

Suggestions, anyone?


witsandnuts said...

I hope I can help. But you're platform is blogger, right? I have been switching themes, too. I'm really a woman. Haha. =)

Anonymous said...

Strange the way things happening in one place are mirrored in far away places. Just shows; people are the same underneath it all!

Take a look at http://www.copyblogger.com/ and at the links on the right side of the page.

Also, concerning my opening sentence, visit http://bocktherobber.com/2009/05/bock-trek-the-reboot#comments

That's among one of my favourite blogs and he's planning to do as you hope to. I sent him similar info which you'll see on the comments.

Good luck in your endeavours and do contact bock for advice. He's a good guy.

Kayni said...

this is the exciting part...the search for the template. i change my template often. no worries...it will take time, but when you see that certain template...it will come to you. where i got my template is on the cute side, i'm not sure that's what you're looking for =).

shweepea16 said...

funny enough i was going to ask you how to do a makeover.. mine is soo basic its disgusting.. i want to kick it up a notch..

jacqueline said...

the blog theme has been "dark" for the longest time... maybe you wanna go for a colorful theme to resemble your colorful life? :)

Angeli said...

finally, a makeover. :)

i followed your advice jac. i went for a lighter theme this time. it's what D has been suggesting (insisting!), too. :)

natz, you can download free templates (plus instructions) from the web. there are A LOT to choose from. happy looking! :)

kayni, it was exciting and a bit tiring to do all the search. sobrang dami, parang nakakalula. :)

unstranger, i visited the blog you recommended. he wants a new look, too! :) but i think he is opting for more of a magazine-feel..

hi jo. us ladies know how to get out of a fashion rut, don't we? hahaha

d_d_d said...

this a better theme than the last one- and more appropriate (kudos!) - life has, after all, changed for the better :D

thought just struck me, if you and D drop by Sg in your next travel, do drop me a line.

Anonymous said...

...but i like the other one. :)

Angeli said...


you are so right, dina. everything has changed. it hasn't been that long when i was still so gaga over somebody who doesn't feel the same way.

lumiwanag ang buhay; kailangan na ring lumiwanag ang template ko. :)


Honey, you have been complaining about that dark template and now you say that you like that one better! hah!


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