Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Departure from the Usual

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I am so used to being in bed with a book by eight in the evening that a deviation from this daily routine feels like a grand shake-up. Coming home late last night from a colleague’s birthday party and waking up early this morning with only a few hours of sleep, I felt disoriented. I only had soda, but I woke up with a hangover.

After downing two huge mugs of coffee, I felt a sense of normalcy set in. A temporary departure from the usual is not bad after all. Being in the company of my colleagues and hearing their joyful banter is a welcome break from listening incessantly to my own thoughts.


Kayni said...

i think you drank a different sort of soda - hangover inducing kudos to coffee, i am having one right now, and it's the only thing that sets the start of any working day.

Amelia said...

it so nice to be surrounded with great company ;) and once in a while we take time-off from the usual routine ;)

jacqueline said...

it was nice to have you at our place... at least the house heard different happy voices that night. :))

Angeli said...

kayni, i don't think i can live without coffee.

amelia, yes, it really was nice. panay tawanan at kwentuhan. and lots of food, too! :)

jac, it was fun, wasn't it? i give high credits to your event organizer. :) sarap din ng food. hahaha.. sana maulit uli, no?

Agnes said...

Angeli, I love coffee. Your posts are so much fun to read.

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