Thursday, April 30, 2009

With Distinction

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wouldn’t it be great to be remembered as the hot babe in campus instead of the chunky geek who graduated cum laude in college, as I am surely remembered now (if remembered at all)? Graduating with honors is hugely overrated. It creates an illusory label of “intelligence” on an otherwise average intellect. People assume that I’m bright when, in fact, I’m not. 

Aside from all the prestige that goes with it and the accompanying perks like getting discounts for enrolling in law or graduate school, the medal becomes less of an honor and more like a restraining collar. People hold you to very high standards just because you graduated with distinction. Needing to live up to such lofty expectations, you are not allowed to make mistakes. As people won’t cut you any slack, you also have no right to slack.


jacqueline said...

well, actually not really(...great to be remembered as the hot babe in campus).. oh no... it's not that i'm remembered that way... LOL

it's just that, just like them (chunky geek who graduated cum laude in college), these hot babes in campus are also up for people's expectations... di lang sa college ha... even in high school di ba? specially during homecomings, agh! everyone has something to say about somebody. :) whether one had gone worse or had gone better...
our campus queen nga eh, she used to be so pretty, tapos ngayon, after 3 children i think, sabi nila, losyang na daw... :(

Amelia said...

I too has the same dilemma if you may call it. friends and family always look up into me...they have this set of expectations. I agree with you Angeli, they thought that it will be a badge for you not to make mistakes but hey, come on we are still humans bound to make mistakes,,,

Angeli said...

hi jac. you have a point there. them hot babes also have to maintain their image and be hot babes forever. and with a brood of three, that is one difficult task. :)

amelia, sabi nga nila: "pasensya na po. tao lang." :)

Anonymous said...

Angeli it reads to me like you may be heading for a crossroads scenario. Perhaps you need to move on from a current static situation or is it that people are more and more disappointing where you only needed their understanding?

Or is that stupid?

Anonymous said...

the ugly duckling is now a beautiful swan and still smart as ever. :)

Angeli said...

Unstranger, I am thinking of precisely that. (Not stupid at all)

Hey anonymous, thank you but i'm still an ugly duck. :)

ekstranghero said...

I can totally relate. I graduated magna cumlaude, and was the student council president and the campus paper's EIC during my last year. NOT! :-)

I know what you mean. I can relate in some way. People have their expectations from me, so be it. But I try not to care. This is my life, I'll live it the way I want to live it. I'll make my mistakes and learn from them. If they are not kool with it, to h3ll with them.

Angeli said...

wow! magna ka pala eh.. SC chair at editor in chief pa! :)

you are so right, ekstranghero. to hell with them all. :)

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