Friday, April 3, 2009

One Good Friday

Friday, April 3, 2009

It's just a few days before Holy Week so I thought of posting these pictures that were taken six years ago, when my friends (Jennifer, Carla and Jonathan) and I decided to spend Good Friday at Mt. Cabuyao in Tuba, Benguet. We started the 8.5-kilometer hike--which is really more of a climb--at five in the morning and reached the peak of the mountain (with peak altitude of 2025 meters) just in time for lunch.

I can sill remember Carla asking, "Malapit na ba? (Is it near already?)" We haven't even had time to reply when we saw the marker. We're not even halfway through!

(from left : Carla and I with the twin radars behind us; Carla, me and Jennifer, posing amidst the boulders)

We were so hungry when we arrived that we immediately unpacked the food we brought - hotdogs, salted eggs, chicken nuggets and rice. And then we had a picnic right there, on top of the mountain, overlooking the city.

Here are the two disk-shaped radio transmitters, most popularly known as the radar, that Mt. Cabuyao is famous for.

And on our way back, around noon, the fog began to creep in.

So how do you intend to spend Good Friday and the rest of the Lenten Season?


Anonymous said...

i gave up lent for lent - forever. :)

Angeli said...

Hah! Maybe lent has given you up (or gave up on you), too. :)

Agnes said...

What a great post. I gotta ask, Angeli, are you in any of these pictures? If so, give me a hint....

Angeli said...

hahahah... can't you recognize me? i'm the fat, geeky girl in a dark shirt with a maroon jacket wearing eyeglasses. :)

Anonymous said...

hey jill!!! thanks for posting these pics! nakaka-senti naman...that was such a fun climb! si joe talag honorary PILAK forever! hahaha! :)---jen

Angeli said...

Jen, mare, you know how much I treasure those fun moments with you guys.

it was tiring yet exhilarating. :) and when we got down the mountain, remember how we went straight to Pizza Volante and ate a week's worth of food? Hahahaha.. I miss you guys.

So are we going to Bali next year? :)

(by the way, didn't you notice how THIN you were then? :)

jacqueline said...

only six years and you have transformed magnificently.. :)

I hope to be in Bicol this Holy Week. hopefully, plans will push through. i'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Angeli said...

more like an extreme makeover. hahaha

sunbathing and wakeboarding in CamSur? wow.

Amelia said...

what an interesting way to spend the Good Friday...and honestly I didn't notice you at first.i missed salted eggs...yummy lunch you have then :)

me, ever since I spent my Good Friday or holy week inside the house.for my mother and grandmother will not allow us to go out..they say we need to be silent and repent :) it's a good way also to at least spent time for the family and do participate in church activities. Back then I'm looking forward for the Holy Thursday because the last supper is done at the ancestral house of my mother's grandmother then do all the preparation while my mum does all the cooking :) and me do all the eating...LOL!!!

and up until now, in my own family...we never go out and have fun during Holy Week.just stay at home and spend more time with the kids.

Angeli said...

amelia, don't they sell itlog na maalat there?

i guess you are now in your mom's role, huh? you do all the cooking na rin? :) i really envy your fondant cake. it really looks pretty and yummy. :)

Amelia said...

you need to go to a filipino store just to get one...but I hesitate coz I feel that it's not fresh anymore...LOL!!!

yeah I now do all the's fun cooking and preparing food for the releases stress and it makes me happy especially if they like it...hehehe!! thanks Angeli!

Kayni said...

Lent is an official working rest here.

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