Monday, March 30, 2009

I miss school

Monday, March 30, 2009

The last class I attended, way back in 2007, was a three-unit penalty course I had to take for exceeding the university’s Maximum Residency Rule and the last hurdle left before I can finally finish my master’s degree in Social Development Studies. And it turned out to be a real punishment, indeed.

Since I was already living here in Manila then, I had to endure the weekly seven-hour torturous bus ride to Baguio to attend my three-hour class, and then immediately after another seven-hour bus ride back to Manila. Every week we are assigned a couple of inches thick of inscrutable articles, chapters and multiply cross-referred references, all of which we are required to read and write a short paper about containing our supposedly distilled, but often inchoate, thoughts and ideas. Having to read, understand and integrate each article into one coherent whole, initially inside my head, and then be able to transfer it on paper is a daunting--almost impossible and seemingly interminable--task.

It is a marvel to me, until now, how I survived that bloody semester. What I’m entirely sure of is how I miss every gory detail of it. I miss school.

I miss those sleepless nights I spent reviewing for long exams. With adrenaline running high, what kept me awake all night long was this one obsessive thought: I must get a 1.0 for this exam. I miss all the research – all the blood, sweat and tears - that goes behind crafting a paper. And the heightened feeling I get from earning a good grade afterwards is truly incomparable. I miss the challenge of making sense of the abstruse ramblings of ancient and contemporary philosophers and social theorists. I miss those frequent intellectual orgies with my classmates. I miss the interaction inside the classroom whose sheer informality nullifies the usual teacher-student distinctions and enables everyone to be a learner, instead.

I miss school.


witsandnuts said...

The travel alone already made that a bloody semester. But the whole process is challenging and satisfying, right? I don't know why. But I love the pressure. I love to juggle.

Angeli said...

oh yeah! it was tiring yet challenging and satisfying. the pressure is what keeps us going, i guess.


laagan said...

I can just imagine how determined you were in finishing that course. Imagining the travel alone is killing me...hehehe

Angeli said...

hello there, laagan.

oh yeah. determined, really. i slacked of for several years then i realized that i had to do it then or i'll never finish it.

anyway, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. i truly appreciate it. :)

Anonymous said...

i miss school too. i miss praying for good grades instead of studying. i miss tanduay rum. i miss pusoy. :)

Angeli said...

hmmmm.. but i beat you at pusoy dos AND tong-its. hah!


jacqueline said...

i miss school too... :) i miss being a student. :)

artemis said...

hey Anj, why don't you continue to PhD?

Amelia said...

going to school is a lot of fun...especially in masters where all of your classmates has a piece of something....where most has a brilliant idea...where issues became a debate and at the end of the class you eat at a nice and cozy place using your own money...I also love the idea that you send yourself to school at your own expense...makes you even proud! miss school also...

Angeli said...


you are now THE PRINCIPAL. but who says you can't be a student too? :)


i have been thinking of that for a long time now. i haven't made up my mind though.


you are so right. it's a good thing i had got scholarship for grad school. minimal lang ang ginastos ko. :)

Amelia said...

same with me...thanks to the scholarship and all government subsidy! LOL!!!

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