Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Looking at my table, it suddenly dawned on me that I need a bookcase. The table has become so crowded with all the b ooks that kept piling up over the past two years I’ve stayed in my apartment. Now I not only have more desk space but my books have their own home. I had fun organizing them as I relived how each book became my source of wisdom and refuge, how they radically dismantled everything I’ve known and believed in, how they rocked my world and illuminated what was once dark and made ambiguous what was once clear. Every time I look at the small bookhouse, I can’t help but be delighted--and awed--with the vastness it contains.


Anonymous said...

wow, that does look more organized ;-) heehee, i know what you mean about the books piling up, maybe i should invest in one as well

jacqueline said...

i think another bookhouse will be filled in in no time. :)

Amelia said...

lovely working area :) the books are so well organized :)

Kayni said...

napaka-organize mo naman Angie. i feel ashamed because my home office is no way neat and as organized as that.

Anonymous said...

Angeli, I love your book case. You have this neatness about you that comes through your writing, your choice of typesets and fonts and now your book case :-)

We have a library area on the 3rd floor of our place and I place the books on the shelves the same way you do, both horizontally and vertically :-)

P.S.: I really hope books won't go all electronic, I really do.

Anonymous said...

i'd like to see the place after the photo shoot. :)

Angeli said...

hello caryn. without you knowing it, you have a mountain of books. hahaha

hi jac. i think i already need another one. it's already overflowing. :)

hi kayni. nobody has called me angie for a long time. you made me smile. :)

hello agnes. i am organized in some areas and very disorganized in others. :) books won't be books without the pages and the binding. i also hope they won't go electronic (at least not in our lifetime). :)

hi anonymous. the place looks the same after the photo shoot. it was BEFORE the photo shoot when it looked really interesting. :)

Anonymous said...

That's a nice book case. My books here in Abu Dhabi are placed on mini shelf that comes with the computer table. Last month I placed a shelf extension which I got from Ikea. What I'm planning to do is to send home through cargo all those that I'm done with. In the Philippines, we have this big cabinet that instead of clothes you'll find only books. =)

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