Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

They have recently devised a new scheme to encourage punctuality at work. Before, each of us has to pay one peso every time we arrive beyond 830 am. The coins are accumulated and at the end of the month, the pooled money goes to the one (or the ones) who, for that 30-day period, was always on time. Unfortunately, it didn't work. Like the Philippine 6/49 SuperLotto jackpot that has reached 239,242,119.20 pesos and has yet to be won, the money collected from us latecomers, just keeps on accumulating. For several months now, not one has been rewarded. I guess for most of us, being one peso poorer every single day is no big deal. And what's worse, tardiness is still a problem.

Now, there's a new scheme. Employees who can maintain their punctuality for a month will be given an additional vacation leave credit. I hope it works this time. More vacation time will perhaps induce everyone to be more punctual.

For somebody who lives a stone's throw away from work, it is very embarrassing to admit that for several times I have also been late for work. I cannot say that I have been caught in traffic or that I missed my bus or that the train is too crowded. There is just no valid reason for my tardiness.

So I am now determined to go to work earlier than usual. And, earn that leave credit, too, of course!


Kayni said...

Interesting way to make people come on time =). Where I work, people come in at anytime they please, just as long as deadlines are met and projects are done on time. I actually like it this pressure to get up

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean... I hate being late... but I also hate being there early when everyone else is late LOL

jacqueline said...

a challenge for me, indeed! hahaha... i know i desperately need those extra leave credits. *lol*

Anonymous said...

it's better to be early. your new scheme or punctuality is telling you and the rest of your co-employees that 'early birds always catch the worms.' ;-)

Angeli said...

hi kayni. that would be great, not having to get up early. :)

hi agnes. i get so impatient when i need to wait for somebody that i always bring a book with me. that way, no time is wasted time. :)

we both need those credits, jac. hahahah

you are right fren. it feels good to start the day right. and one way to start the day right is to be early. hahaha

Amelia said...

change of scheme so as to encourage employees to be on time...that's a good scheme, hope it will work now! :)

good luck on it and hope you'll make it :)

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