Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Suddenly Flooded

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

When the department heads found out that I will be on vacation for two weeks, within hours I got flooded with work. Countless modules to review for the Academic Department, proposals to prepare for Sales, other pertinent documents for Human Resource. It's like I won't even have time left for my very own department. Giving me work that is almost too much to handle is probably their way of telling me that they'll miss me.


Anonymous said...

Yay, finally I'm able to access your site. I did miss reading your scribbles!

It's really like that no? Flooding you with load when you're about to leave (whether tempo or permanently). I admire the positivity in seeing it that way. From now on, I'll view it like that. =)

Kayni said...

i think they're worried you'll be gone for two weeks =). they're trying to compensate. it's good though. it gets your adrenaline going, and when your vacation time arrives, you can sigh and still feel that you've accomplished so much. keep going!

Angeli said...

Hi Wits. There are times that my site is really inaccessible. and i don't even know why. thanks for telling about it. :)

Hi Kayni. With all these work, I think I'd enjoy my vacation more. It would be like experiencing warmth after days of freezing cold.

jacqueline said...

we'll surely miss you, A. don't worry. I'll wait for you to come back before I send in some of my requests. ;)

enjoy the vacation... :)

Amelia said...

Hi Angeli! same thing with me. I have to wait for some hours or even a day so I can read your recent post I thought there's something wrong with my PC. But anyhow, I can still read your posts :)

yeah, it's one thing to say that they need you badly...company is at great risk without you *smiles* :)

Anonymous said...

It's people such as yourself who are such a value to the company . . . and yes, this is they're way of saying, we don't realize what we have until she's gone! lol In some strange management sort of way, you should feel honored! lol Well, at least you have 2 wks coming up, no checking of e-mail, no listening to voice-mails....VACATION, Cheers! :):):)

Anonymous said...

that's funny!

when are you leaving? I am so excited for you :-)

Anonymous said...

i have no more problems accessing your site. :)

Angeli said...

Hi Jac. I sure will enjoy my vacation. thank you. :)

Hi Diamondmum. I don't know why it's inaccessible sometimes. I really appreciate your visiting my blog regularly. :)

Hi Kareer Woman. To be given this kind of responsibility is truly an honor. :)

Hi Agnes. We are leaving on the 24th of this month. I am soooooooooooo excited too!! :)

Hey Anonymous. I am glad you can access my site now. What do you think could have been the problem?

Anonymous said...

a little tweak at godaddy.com did the trick. angelipicazo.blogspot.com needs to be permanently redirected. :)

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