Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lost Identification Card

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I got a call from my mother yesterday. She said that a certain Romy sent her an SMS saying that he found my ID card. I wasn’t even aware that I lost my ID (because I never wear it, to the consternation of our building’s security guards). I checked my bag and it’s not there. I must have dropped it when I was on my way home for lunch. I got the person’s number from my mother then proceeded to call him. Our conversation was brief. I asked him if he could drop off my ID card at our office building but he insisted that we should meet at the Shangri-La Mall on Saturday. Without my asking it, he even added that he is into filmmaking and is busy with a “shooting” nowadays. While he’s telling me all those stuff, I decided to forget about that lost ID and just have it replaced with a new one. If he really wanted to return it, why didn’t he simply go straight to our building which is merely a few meters away from where he found it lying on the sidewalk? My office address is just right there. Why did he have to keep on calling the office and texting me till close to midnight last night? Why go to that extent? Applying for a new ID card is much safer and less burdensome than having to meet a stranger who claims to be from the movie industry.


jacqueline said...

ooohhh... he must be thinking he's found a new talent! :)

artemis said...

waa, that's scary desperate guy!

Kayni said...

you made the right decision. that's one spooky guy. it's better to be safe than sorry. just be careful because he knows your work address.

Anonymous said...

stay away from him! he is an afwgss star talent scout. :)

Angeli said...

hi jacqueline. not a new talent. more of a new victim. :)

hi artemis. he really is scary. what a creep!

hi kayni. you are right. he doesn't know how i look though. i now look different from my ID picture. :)

hi anonymous. hah! so that means i can be an afwgss star!! hahahah

riky and nina said...

hahaha... pa-epal sabi ni moi&mai. pero the scenario of meeting is - Cute, if he's ala-keanu reeves in "a walk in the clouds" or tom hanks in "sleepless in seattle". but as i can see here, majority of people nowadays have a major phobia of people--- hahaha.

ps. sori for the long absence. terribly tied up. miss u. advance HBD.

Angeli said...

oo nga. you haven't been updating your blog for a long time now.

don't you miss blogging? :)

thanks for the birthday greeting. :)

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