Thursday, January 22, 2009

January 22

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Two dozen lovely red roses and a box of chocolates were delivered to the office today. They came from D of course.

I went home and immediately arranged them in vases.

To D, my family whose greeting roused me this morning, and all of my friends who sent their birthday greetings, thank you. The H-A-P-P-Y in Happy Birthday won’t be there without you guys.

It’s fun to be thirty-one!


artemis said...

LOVELY! happy birthday!!! I'm looking forward for my 31st which is still a bit more than half a year from now. somebody told me that as I get older I get better, so I guess it's good to be older. :-) cheers!

Angeli said...

absolutely! we become better as we age. hahahaha

here's to turning 31! :)

Marts said...

happy birthday Jill! Mwah! :*

Kayni said...

The roses are sweet and beautiful. Don't eat the chocolates all at once =). I agree with you and Artemis, 31 is a cool age. Life gets better as we age.

jacqueline said...

we're both 31 now! at least for the next 113 days. :)

enjoy every single day! :)

Amelia said...

roses and chocolates are so sweet:-)

a year older and a year wiser!

happy birthday! cheers to your BIRTHDAY!!!

~ fren ~ said...

wow, sweet! that's one sure thing to be more proud of D.:)you're a year older by now but still looking fab and young your age.:)

Angeli said...

Martha mare, salamat. i miss you guys. mwah!

Hi Kayni. to me, chocolates are comfort food. :)

Hi Jac. do you remember how we used to imagine us with rocking chairs and knitting needle? and now we're 31! hahaha

hi Diamondmum. the giver is the sweetest man i know. but he denies it all the time. :)

Thanks Fren. You look fab yourself. More sophisticated than the last time I saw you. :)

Thanks everyone. May you all have a glorious weekend!


Moira Parton said...

sweet! have you received my greeting on fs? btw, mom sends her regards to you as well. she's too busy to even write a blog or check her fs account. anyway, yea.. belated happy birthday. =)

d_d_d said...

this is so sweet! You lucky girl! =)

d_d_d said...

your BF is so sweet- you lucky girl!

Angeli said...

hi dina. yes, he is sweet but he always insists that he is "napait". hahaha

hello moira, aka boyletocho. thanks for the greeting. send my regards to your mom, dad, and mariel, okay? :)

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