Monday, December 22, 2008

Hand-holding and Relationships Going Awry

Monday, December 22, 2008

Everywhere I see couples walking hand in hand – while crossing the street, shopping at the mall, walking leisurely in the park, or walking hurriedly along a crowded sidewalk. There is something really sweet about a couple holding hands in public. In some ways, it’s even more intimate than kissing.

What makes hand-holding more special than other public displays of affection? It’s a non-verbal way of announcing to the world that the person whose hand you’re holding is your significant other. While holding his or her hand, you are actually saying, hands off, he or she is already mine. It’s also a way for couples to publicly pledge their commitment to each other. Holding your partner’s hand is giving him or her comfort and warmth.

Hand-holding is togetherness; a display of mutual affection; something that couples take pleasure in. Most of all, it’s about a couple connecting with each other and going through life hand in hand. It’s the physical and emotional link. Once the connection is cut, the relationship inevitably goes awry.

Everywhere I see couples holding hands. But sadly, there are more couples around me who have ceased holding each other’s hand. That connection that was once there is now all gone, like it never even existed. Starting out young and still not knowing what they wanted in life, they have unknowingly grown apart. It’s like waking up one day to realize that the person they’re with is a total stranger to them. What appeared to be singular relationships, tried and tested through the years, have crumbled.

Is it anybody’s fault? When a relationship starts to unravel, can it ever be stopped? When the all-enveloping rapturous passion for each other has all withered up, is it reason enough to give up? If there is no love left, what’s the point of holding on? If you hold out your hand and he or she not only refuses to take it but slaps it away, not once but again and again, will you still keep on trying?

Hand in hand - it's the only way to go through life as a couple.


Anonymous said...

This post is as intractable as one of those theological disputes - like the Medieval Church against the Albigensian heresy.

Swapping spit is a way of expressing an "all-enveloping rapturous passion". I've never heard anyone suggesting to couples holding hands to "get a room". And there are no there are holding hands scenes in wet dreams. :)

Angeli said...

Just listen to the Beatles:

"And when I touch you I feel happy inside
It's such a feelin' that my love I can't hide
I can't hide
I can't hide

Yeah, you've got that somethin' I think you'll understand
When I say that somethin' I want to hold your hand
I want to hold your hand
I want to hold your hand"


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