Thursday, December 25, 2008

"Celebrating a Christless Christmas"

Thursday, December 25, 2008

My thoughts exactly:

"For much of my life, I felt guilt about our happily godless Christmases. I worried that we were leeching off of someone else's holiday. When Bill O'Reilly railed about "Christmas under siege," I felt complicit. If I was content to listen to Christmas-themed pop songs instead of hymns, to open presents with gusto instead of heading to church, or to dig right into the meal instead of saying grace, was I diluting the holiness of others' celebration? Was I insulting Jesus? Cheapening the experience for Christians?"

"Some evidence suggests that Christmas itself was merely a reappropriation of the pagan festival of Saturnalia. If that is in fact the case, my godless Christmas is more an insult to ancient Romans than to Christians. Since there aren't too many of them left, I won't let it worry me."

"The best thing we nonbelievers can do, in fact, is be honest about not celebrating the religious side of Christmas."

Quoted from No Reason for the Season: the Joy of Celebrating a Godless Christmas by Tori Bosch, posted 23 December 2008 at Slate Magazine.


Anonymous said...

A lot of non religious people celebrate Christmas to drink moderately (wink), eat sensibly (double
wink) and put up lights representing their concept of supreme being (triple wink). :)

Angeli said...

..and then spend the next few days feeling guilty for drinking moderately and eating sensibly... :)

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