Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

We were ambling along the shaded walk when I saw this odd shirt being sold at one of the booths set up for the reunion. It’s designed to resemble one of the most dreaded things in college life – The Bluebook. I couldn’t help but laugh. I liked it so much that D bought it for me.

It reminded me of those days when, after a really hard exam, we wait with bated breath for our graded bluebooks to be handed back to us. As bluebooks are one by one returned, exclamations of YES! or SHIT! could be heard around the room. Some would give anything for at least a 3.0, while others would virtually die if they get a grade less than 1.0.

Kayni, Dina, Artemis, Natalie, Fren, Martha doesn’t this shirt remind you of the good old days?


artemis said...

By gad, it really looks like the bluebook, ha ha ha, this is hilarious! Yeah, the good old days... I think this t-shirt can be therapeutic to whoever dreaded the exams. Let's embrace it and let go of the fears that are associated with this! ha ha.

~ fren ~ said...

that shirt is really sort of a fun. kasya ba sa 'yo? ‘Cause I’ll be looking forward to seeing you in it.:)

shweepea16 said...

awwww the bluebook.. i want one!! it brings back sooo much great memories!!

Kayni said...

I was laughing when I saw this, it does look like a bluebook. Oh yes, I remember these books do remind me of stress and when I didn't study.

Marts said...

omaigas.. it brings back memories.. I'd love to have one of those! I remember keeping some with the better grades and burying most with failing marks labeled "that unfortunate event" at the back of my mind.. hahaha!

d_d_d said...

i actually kept all my exams back home, thus a personal collection of bluebooks among others LOL =) oh dear... memories

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