Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I used to run regularly—chiefly to lose weight, but like Francis below, also for the sheer pleasure of it.

Francis began to run, and in doing so, reconstituted a condition that was as pleasurable to his being as it was natural: the running of bases after the crack of the bat, the running from accusation, the running from family, from bondage, from destitution of spirit through ritualistic straightenings, the running, finally, in a quest for pure flight as a fulfilling mannerism of the spirit. (William Kennedy, Ironweed, 1979)


Anonymous said...

I wish I could run :) Just zone out, put some earphones on and run in the autumn morning. It must be very releasing.

jacqueline said...

"Run, Forrest, run..." the only time i could remember running was when i was in high school, during softball practice... :) don't ask, i was never good at it!

shweepea16 said...

sigh.. i miss UP Diliman, running around university belt was always the best. no treadmill or eliptical can match that..

Angeli said...

hi sinta. it really is releasing. can't you do some jogging/running there?

hi jac. running is the only sport i can do because it doesn't require any special skills. :)

hi nats. i so agree with you. by the way, i'd be visiting UPD next, next weekend. yay! "UP naming mahal. Pamantasang hirang..." :)

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