Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Problem With Exes

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The problem with exes is that they keep on hounding you. Imagine getting a call from an ex in the middle of the night, ruining your sleep and eventually ruining your entire day for not getting enough rest. The words "stay ouf of my life" do not seem to register in his mind and you have to shut off your cell phone just to shut him up.

Why does he think he still enjoys the privilege to dial your number? He has lost the right to show that he still cares and, for that matter, to even ask how you are. And because of him who left you heartbroken, now you need to change your phone number! Who does he think he is? Why still give him that power over you? Why would you go through the trouble of moving to a new place—when in fact you like where you’re staying right now—just to avoid him? He is now just an ex, a caducous leaf who has irrevocably fallen out of your life, and there’s no reason why you would still let him influence where you want to live or what number you want to use.

The one thing that exes need to understand is this: what’s been finally disgorged can’t be taken in again.


jacqueline said...

when he feels lonely, he calls you to pry if you're living a miserable life the way he does... but poor him, he'd just find out how happy you are right now with the man who loves you for who and what you are. ;)

Angeli said...

well, he can always call that woman in laguna. hahaha

Kayni said...

i like how you put it. just ignore him. i think that's why he is called "ex."

artemis said...

hyahahaha... if i could only say that about my recent ex.. but what I can only say now is "next!"

Anonymous said...


d_d_d said...

all comments true- as is the entry itself... but it must be admitted, apart from the irritation and wondering how you could've fallen for an idiot who does not understand "go away", the ego does swell a bit, no? =P

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