Saturday, November 8, 2008

Full Disclosure

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Things just come into your mind on their own and aren't your fault. So I learned this all those years ago--that you don't need to be held responsible for what you think, and that by and large you don't have any business knowing what other people think. Full disclosure never does anybody any favors, and in any event there are few enough people in the world who are sufficiently within themselves to make such disclosure pretty unreliable right from the start. All added to the fact that this constitutes intrusion where you least need to be intruded upon, and where telling can actually do harm to everyone involved.

- Richard Ford, The Sportswriter, 1986


jacqueline said...

i myself always have thoughts i never would want to think of... but there they are bugging me all the time... and if Husband would ask me what's in my mind, i sometimes tell him something else because telling him about these "thoughts" just gives us both frustration and arguments...
me and my insane thoughts! *sigh*

jacqueline said...

you've been tagged! :)

Angeli said...

thanks for the tag, jac. :)

sometimes thinking too much doesn't do us any good. maybe we should focus more and what's working than what's not.

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