Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Day at the Cemetery

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Like almost everyone else, we went to the Baguio cemetery last Saturday. Since it was my first time to go to a cemetery, I was a bit astonished. So it’s like this, I kept on thinking. It wasn’t spooky, bleak or depressing as I expected it to be. It’s almost like going to Burnham Park where a family or a group of friends can spread a blanket on the ground, pitch a tent, bring a picnic, and just enjoy the day, the scenery and each other’s company. The only difference is that at the cemetery, one’s not just having fun but also paying respects to the dead.

It was such a fun day. There were vendors all around selling e-load, candles, fish balls, sweet corn, peanuts and all of the other street food you can imagine. We even got to splurge on dirty ice cream!


Anonymous said...

Oh, your first time at the cemetery! It won't really be spooky especially that November 1 brings more of a cheery air for Filipinos. I miss the dirty ice cream as sandwich spread. My fave flavors are mango and cheese. =)

Anonymous said...

I forgot what it was like on day of the dead in the Philippines and in Baguio too. I miss that place :)

Kayni said...

why is it called dirty ice cream? is it because it was uncleanly processed...lol. hey, i love that ice cream on bread.

artemis said...

aaay, why did you straightened the curls? they were really looking good on you.. :-)

jacqueline said...

yey! there's always the first time, they say. :)

it was fun, huh?

Angeli said...

hi wits and kayni, don't you just love dirty ice cream.. and it's not dirty at all.. sarap nga eh, diba? :)

hi sinta, i miss baguio so much too. how i wish i still live there..

hi jac, it was really fun.. food trip sya.. :)

hi artemis, i just tried the curly look for a night. i'm thinking of having a more lasting perm, though. :)

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