Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Seven Random Facts About Me

Wednesday, October 29, 2008
  • I’ve never owned a credit card.
  • Two of my classmates in elementary, JB and MV, engaged in a serious fistfight over me. It happened in front of our school, at the City Hall grounds, with virtually the whole class watching and cheering them on.
  • I sang first soprano in the church choir for more than 15 years but I’ve now left the fold for good.
  • My birth certificate says that I’m officially named “Baby Girl”.
  • I went to law school while still taking up my master’s. Too much sleep deprivation made me ditch the former.
  • I used to weigh 60 kilograms (which is a lot for a five-foot gal).
  • Research is the only occupation I’ve known and had since graduating from college.

I was tagged by Artemis and now I’m tagging Jacqueline, Hazel Martha, Mariel, Moira, Natalie, Nica and Nina.


d_d_d said...


Angeli said...

kilala mo sya.. LOL

d_d_d said...

definitely =) mwahahaha

Kayni said...

were you making jb or mv jealous? expound on the story

Anonymous said...

hmmm... did the best man win? :)

Angeli said...

hi Kayni and anonymous.

if i remember right, nobody won. somehow, the fight's broken up before anybody could win.

the two boys both had a "crush" on me.. ayun, nagkaasaran tungkol sa kung sino ang mas karapatdapat.. you know, kayni, how silly we were in elementary..


jacqueline said...

haba ng hair! pinagkasuntukan ng boys! lol :))

riky and nina said...

haha patawa... those were the days...

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