Monday, October 20, 2008


Monday, October 20, 2008

I’ve read this from some English manual: “unlike listening, speaking, and reading, writing is the way we make our thinking visible to the world. Without committing our ideas on paper, our thinking remains invisible, locked in our heads.”
Kayni, Nina, Artemis, Jac, Natalie, Wits, and Sinta are just some of the people I know who made their thinking visible to the world. In their writings, I get a glimpse of how they deal with the precariousness and absurdity of daily life. Their posts--always drawn from the deep wells of feeling—produce some kind of resonance within me.

Blog posts range from the delightful unraveling of mundane details, to the public disclosure of private facts, to inchoately composed persiflage, to passages suffused with extraordinary gravitas, to elaborately obfuscated narratives written in an opaque fashion, and--at times--even to undisguised vituperative viciousness. But ultimately, what lends power to these blog posts is their ability to make readers pay attention.


Kayni said...

Thank you, Angeli. Writing is not quite my forte, but I do try. Sometimes, my mind works so fast that all I get are sentences so twisted and absurd. Or, my brain can't find the right words to describe what I'm really feeling inside. But, I still try.

Anonymous said...

inchoate persiflage but never meretricious.
vituperative viciousness but never inhumane.

Angeli said...

Hi Kayni. I like the way you write as well as what you write about.

artemis said...

Angeli, I wish I could write like you do, highly-sophisticated literary eh :-)

Angeli said...

hi anonymous. i agree with you.

hi artemis. thank you. i like your writing, too! very spunky.. :)

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