Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mini Skirt

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Yesterday I decided to ditch the comfortable jeans and t-shirt typically worn during casual Fridays. Daring myself if I could pull it off, I wore a four-inch above the knee denim skirt and a black top paired with espadrille platforms. Laughing quietly to--and at--myself for my sheer effrontery, I went to work with a spring in my gait. As I was walking, I saw people--mostly men--giving me the look over. I looked back wanting to say, hey buddy, these are logs you are staring at, not legs

I may not have the most gorgeous of gams or the kind of body one can boast of or die for but I always find it fun to dress up. It's like a way of inventing an entirely different me - a way to express who I am, who I have become and who I want to become. Wearing sexy outfits is a fun--and effective--way to disguise how socially inept, indefensibly nerdy and unappealingly geeky I really, really am.


Anonymous said...

I regret that I've never been so playful in dressing up after graduation. Now I'm here in UAE, the more that I can't risk to wear a skirt. Happy weekend!

riky and nina said...

i read somewhere that getting dressed up is part of women's survival mechanism. we're hardwired to try to catch the biggest flies.

Kayni said...

way to go, angeli!

artemis said...

hehehe, I only dress-up when I'm not in Baguio.. how i wish i live in another place where there are no nosy and conservative neighbors. enjoy being a woman Angeli... :-)

Angeli said...

thanks artemis.. don't mind your nosey neighbors.. go around the city in style! :)

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