Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

“..So friends kitakits!!! Magparamdam naman kayo!”

That was the cry that infused the BCNHS Special Science Class Batch ‘95 with eager anticipation for another mini reunion. Having gotten over my dread for such gatherings, I—myself--am excited about it. The idea that I’d see my high school classmates once again tickles me. It would be like going back to the worry-free and laughter-filled days we spent in adolescent self-concern.

It’s been thirteen years since we graduated from high school. It would be fun to see how the passage of time has wreaked havoc on us all—the graying hair, the potbellies, the receding hairlines, the flabs and the curves in all the wrong places—and how it has kneaded us into becoming individuals more interesting than before.

Who has changed and who has not? I wonder. That (and more) I’ll find out in a few days.


Marts said...

hahahaha.. Jill, we're out of high school for 13 years now... :D Chismis on what happens ha! :D

Kayni said...

i haven't attended any of my official high school reunions. every time they have one, i couldn't come home to the Philippines. i hope yours will go well. do a post, okay?

Anonymous said...

The idea of a high school reunion would fill me with a bit of dread :) I left before the end of highschool, so the changes would be more visible. I have changed too! I hope you enjoy your reunion though ^_^ I would love to see my friends again.

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