Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Artemis tagged me to list down the things that make me happy and those that make me sad. Since I’ve already written about the things that bring joy to my life, I decided to ditch the rules and just write about what makes me sad, instead. Here they are:

  • The song And So It Goes by Billy Joel
  • Thinking about what mess my life has become
  • Seeing my mother wear that mask of benign sufferance
  • That I don’t live in Baguio anymore
  • My inability to give my D a hug whenever he needs one
  • That things change though I would want them to remain the same; that things end though I would want them to last.
  • Witnessing forms of injustice and inequality
  • Missing my closest friends, the Pilak Girls

And the list stops there for thinking about what makes me sad is already making me sad.


Marts said...

now i'm sad too... i miss you and the girls too... :(

Kayni said...

I keep thinking that we need the sad moments in order to appreciate the good. Somehow, when you're in a sad state, it just sucks - totally. I'm sort of in the same boat at the moment.

Anonymous said...

hugs usually float my boat and fly my kite. do you want some hugs? :)

Angeli said...

Hi Martha, i'll see you in december, i hope. :)

Hi Kayni, I agree with you. it's like what they say: there won't be beauty if there's no ugliness in the world.

Hi Anonymous, i need lots of hugs. are they for free? :)

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