Sunday, September 14, 2008

Malunggay in my Teeth

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I was working on my new blog template since Friday – adding and removing gadgets and going back and reformatting every single post I wrote to make sure that it looks perfect with the new look. Then last night, as D and I were chatting I realized how deluded I was:

Me: So honey, do you like the new autumn/fall color motif?
D: There is no motif.

Me: Huh? Doesn’t it show there?
D: It is just plain white background.
Me: But it has flowers and leaves in fall colors. Oh no, what’s the problem? How come here it shows everything?
D: It is probably cached. Your page is in a local pc or your graphics are not accessible by the world

And there I was, oh-so-proud of my supposedly new, rescued-from-a-fashion-rut look, not knowing that ONLY I could see it. It’s like having malunggay stuck in my teeth, in plain view of everyone, while I continue to beam and smile and grin in the middle of a party. And everybody was tact
ful enough not to mention it to my face.

At first I got frustrated but then I realized how funny it really is. D and I had a good laugh over it.


Anonymous said...

It's really difficult to be changing themes/ layouts. I had to do several adjustments, especially the picture size, when I changed from yellow-orange one months ago. I hope I won't be chaging (so soon) mine again. =)

Anonymous said...

i was surprised when the page loaded and a different background color appeared... might be a wrong site i launched, i thought. but then i saw your pic, and yes, you have changed your template.

nice one! :)

artemis said...

I like the new look, it's very neat, too bad no autumn leaves :-). Though its a bit narrow for the texts, maybe you can try tinkering with the html? but be careful,html is quite sensitive.

About Thailand, it depends how long you gonna stay. Bangkok itself is quite scenic. The sights to see in Bangkok are concentrated in the Chao Phrya river and the golden Palace, plus, (if you want) you can visit the famous Khao San rd, where travelers and tourists abound. So go to the above mentioned area and there you'll find many temples, shops, royal houses, etc. If you are there on a weekend, you may want to go to the biggest market, Chatuchak market is really huge, you can find almost anything you can think of. Just ask where is "Chatuchak weekend market", everybody knows.

And if you want a trip outside Bangkok, there is the nice and much less busy ancient capital of Siam, called Ayuthaya. If I'm not mistaken, (I've been there 4 years ago) it's just 1.5 hours away from Bkk by train. If you have more time, you can go to Chiang Mai, further north of Bkk, also a nice place with tribes and an old city. Here you can go elephant riding and visit the refugee long-neck Karen tribes from Myanmar. good luck :-)

Angeli said...

thank you wits and nuts, jac and artemis. :)

artemis, i think i'd like to go to that market. my next question is, if we go there on our own will it be easy to get around, find accomodation, etc? or will it be better (or easier) to go there via a travel agency?

artemis said...

You'll have to research for accommodation, get a map, etc. you can use the internet. Or you can buy a lonely planet but that wouldn't be practical if you are there briefly.

you can use a travel agent but that would be more costly :-)

once you're there, if you find a "tourist information" office, get info and good maps for free.

a regular hotel can be more pricey, guest houses are cheaper. guest houses are concentrated in Khao san rd or the Banglamphu area.

and remember, English is not the language there. :-)

Anonymous said...

I see leaves but they don't look like malunggay leaves. :)

Angeli said...

now i see malunggay leaves.. :)

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