Thursday, September 18, 2008

Gwen,Gwyneth and Calista

Thursday, September 18, 2008

What do Gwen, Gwyneth and Calista have in commo
n? They’re all blonde, fashionably thin and fabulous. And they’re my boyfriend’s type. So how come he ended up with a fat, far from-fabulous girl like me?

It’s funny how we fall for a person who doesn’t fit our conception of who or what is physically alluring. Or maybe when we fall in love, the surface doesn’t really count that much.


Kayni said...

Sabi nga ni Cyrus, wala sa itsura, nasa I think that your boyfriend may just like the "idea" of such girls, but deep within, he knows that you're the "REAL" woman for him.

Angeli said...

hahaha.. i used to watch cyrus and samsoon (the korean dubbed into filipino version). the show's very funny and i saw a lot of myself in samsoon.. :)

Anonymous said...

my girlfriend is more beautiful than the three of them combined. :)

Angeli said...

and does she believe you when you tell her that? :)

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