Thursday, September 4, 2008

A World of Their Own

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Several years ago, there’s this improvised shack made up of pieces of discarded carton, torn tarp, worn sackcloth and an old, broken umbrella--partially hidden amidst the pine trees by the side of the mountain along Loakan Road. Every single day, seated inside the speeding bus on my way to work, I’d crane my neck just to get a glimpse of that shack - that shack where a man and a woman, both mentally ill, live. Although far from being raving lunatics, both suffer from some form of mental or psychological disorder.

"Bahay ng mag-asawang baliw.” That’s how people used to call it. I envied them. Being “crazy” as they are, i thought then, how lucky of them to have found each other in this crazy world we live in.

That couple could’ve been merely an urban legend but I always wondered what their life is like. They must have a great life together, oblivious to material comforts. They have a world of their own free from the shackles of convention, normalcy and morality and the burdens of societal expectations. Inside those muddled brains must have been the kind of serenity and clarity we’ve always longed for.

In their alternative mental state and lifestyle, can they understand such concepts as love, relationships, fidelity, wealth, family, I wonder. Perhaps it’s better that they don’t, for they are not encumbered by the need to possess, uphold, and maintain such elements. Considered by most as taong grasa in addition to being loonies, does the couple feel that they’re poor? How can they when all that they want and need is already there within their reach? Would something be lacking if in the first place they do not have any idea that it exists? Or if they do, they just don’t feel any need for it or even give a damn about it.

One would think that the state they’re in is a complete deviation and denunciation of everything normal, good or right; or perhaps they just gave up on life as we know it, slipping to dementia to escape the harshness of reality and needing nothing and no one else but each other. They’re too crazy to comprehend the value of taking a bath and the risk involved in eating garbage but with how things are going on in our world right now, those two must think that we, not them, are the crazy ones. They are the ones laughing at us. They may have lost their sanity, but inside that mad couple’s ramshackle home is something utterly sane.


Kayni said...

maybe and maybe not. we'll never know.

artemis said...

hmm, indeed.. indeed.. it's one of the world's mysteries :-)

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