Friday, August 15, 2008

What is it with men?

Friday, August 15, 2008

What is it with men who, armed with their chutzpah, would do everything to get your attention then once they have it, leave you asking for more? If you can’t sustain something, why even start?

What is it with men who boast of their sexual conquests but cower in uxoriousness when confronted with their wives’ wrath? Conquer and cower—they don’t really match, do they?

What is it with men who, after 18 years, are still bothered—even anguished--with how their “crush” back then thought of them? That was eons ago. For god’s sake, can’t you get over it?

What is it with men who have to preface what they have to say with “I know this may sound silly and I don’t know how to say this to you but…” Saying that already established that you are, indeed, silly. Just spill it out.

What is it with men who vow undying love yet have the temerity to say, “I do not give a damn if I hurt you or not”? Are you sure you’re clear about what loving is all about?


Anonymous said...

ha ha, I like the two last sentences most! It rings a bell with Vitchie.

Anonymous said...

It's a vicious questioning. =) It's like the title of the books I saw in last year's international book fair, "why men don't listen and why women need more shoes than men?" and "why men love/marry bitches?" =)

Kayni said...

and men say women are tough to understand. well said and stated =).

Angeli said...

Hi Vitchie. It was an absurd argument that he actually believed in.

Hi Wits and Nuts. Those questions I ask of men who actually exist (in my life). But maybe some of the sentiments are universal, huh?

HI Kayni. Must be the wiring. :)

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