Sunday, August 31, 2008

Wedding Day Rainy Day

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Agnes, a long-time friend and classmate in graduate school, invited me to her niece’s garden wedding at the Mango Farm of Kingsville Court in Antipolo. It started out okay, with the place looking so romantic with Japanese lanterns everywhere.

While waiting, we took pictures.

During the ceremony, while the groom was professing his vows to his bride, it started to drizzle. Some took shelter, some whipped out their umbrellas.

When the drizzle became cats and dogs, the pastor announced that the affair be transferred to the reception area. Hmm, I thought to myself, there go those prettily lighted trees.

With everyone seated in the reception hall, the wedding continued. Here's the oh-so-cute ring bearer.

Agnes, her daughter Erika and I:

As the night progressed, the wedding turned into some sort of a prom with flashing disco lights and booming disco music – and the newly married couple in their early twenties, leading all the dancing.

I asked my friend, “is this how they do weddings nowadays? The traditional waltz is out and modern jazz is in?” Our age is showing.


Kayni said...

Sigh...weddings...I felt a little pinch reading about your entry on how weddings have changed. Are we really that old?

Angeli said...

i guess so. our age is catching up on us. :)

Jennica Castañeda Picazo said...

yan yung paulit ulit na sinukat mong dress!

Marts said...

jill.. small world! that wedding was anton and nick's wedding.. both friends of me and my husbands.. If I was back home, I should have been there.. They were also there on my wedding last january.. dang! see their wedding pictures here by the way (i was just looking at them a few seconds ago and I haven't seen you on any of the guest pictures!)

Angeli said...

hi mare. i don't know the couple personally.. was just a tag-along so i didn't join any of the picture taking. :)

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