Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Day of Team Building, Water and Fun

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It’s past six in the overcast morning of August 25. We are on our way to Pansol, Laguna for a much-awaited company outing. Here’s the first picture taken that day (Jac, Rose and I).

After a quick breakfast stopover, we arrived in Pansol before 9 am, just in time take some mug shots before the scheduled team building. (I would’ve looked better with a few pounds off, don’t you think?)

During the team building sessions:

We didn’t know that the water would be that warm. They say it comes from a hot spring somewhere in the area.

Us girls are a minority in the company and it’s not everyday that we can act as models so why not pretend that very day?

Diminished in number but remains a family, still - the team:


kayni said...

You look fantastic. I love the photos. Does your company go on trips like this often?

Anonymous said...

Est-ce que les pare-chocs avant réel? Je veux parler de la fille en rouge chemise et un pantalon foncé avec le plus beau sourire. :)

Angeli said...

Hi Kayni. thank you. :) It's rare that we go on out of town trips like this. and that's why this one is special.

Hi Anonymous. Avez-vous perdu la témérité pour dire tout cela en anglais? :) Ne doutez jamais, je suis tout le normal, cent pour cent de vrai. Je pourrais employer un certain perfectionnement de butoir arrière cependant. hahaha

Rod said...

I like the second photo nice pose :)

Angeli said...

i had a good photographer, that's why. :)

agnes said...

Awesome photos! You look great in every single one of them!

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