Thursday, July 10, 2008


Thursday, July 10, 2008

I used to share office space with Prof. Tapang, fondly called Lolo Ben by his students, at the old Cordillera Studies Center building. He used to be my teacher in various undergraduate and graduate Economics subjects. Whenever he has to go to his class, he always tells us, “o sige, magpapanggap muna ako,” with eyes twinkling. Being a green research assistant back then, I thought it’s only something he tells us to make us laugh. Now it struck me how true it is. He wasn’t just kidding then. Don’t we all pretend? Don’t we all pretend that we know what we are doing so we can continue doing it and also learn in the process? Don’t we sometimes act as if we know more than what we actually do? Or better yet, don’t we sometimes act as if we know less than we actually do in order to know more? We feign our way through life armed only with our instinct and intuition, not having full knowledge of everything and uncertain of what might happen, hitting and missing along the way.


Kayni said...

i agree. i do it. it is probably part of our human survival instincts. we have to pretend we know more than we do in order to show that we are capable of handling a certain job or function. we pretend we know less in order to gain intelligence and to be able to function better.

Anonymous said...

I get away doing PHD (push here dummy) tasks by pretending not to know how. :)

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