Wednesday, July 2, 2008

In the past few days, what made me happy?

Wednesday, July 2, 2008
  • Eating santol
  • The Tchaikovsky mp3s from Sir William
  • Getting calls from D and listening to him laugh
  • Unearthing Richard Wright’s Native Son from a pile of used books and buying it for P35
  • Gagamboy and Ipisman
  • Drinking misto at the coffee place around the corner and using their free wifi to write my post
  • Having an extended lunch with Nico and Nica while watching Pacquiao wallop Diaz
  • My labor-of-love laptop
  • Watching McDreamy and Meredith get back together during the season ender of Grey’s
  • Going home to my cave everyday and closing the door to the rest of the world
  • Chatting with Jac and reminiscing about the “good, old days”
  • My red shoes
  • Getting an SMS like this: "Hi love. For me to get better is just to talk to you. :)"
  • Organizing my files
  • Listening to Nica talk about what they did in school
  • D’s electronic love letters
  • Getting comments from my blog readers (Kayni, Marts, Artemis, Surotguy, Anonymous)
  • The multi-colored marshmallows in my morning cereal
  • Revisiting American Idol Season 7 on pirated DVD
  • Knowing and believing that dreams come true


Kayni said...

now that you mentioned santol, i'm now dreaming of eating santol with vinegar. just the word santol makes my mouth water. i haven't seen santol anywhere here...grrrr.

i like the list. i might do my own list too. i'm afraid it will be short.

Anonymous said...

No mention of the Ms. Barangay Babe beauty pageant? You won, remember? :)

Angeli said...

to Kayni: sana makahanap ka na ng santol. a dream coming true. :)

to Anonymous: That's top secret!! Why are you announcing it to the whole world? :)

Anonymous said...

wow! it's nice to know i've made someone happy... (wait, am I the Jac you mentioned there? üüü)

having our chats once in a while makes it special than doing it everytime... :)

Anonymous said...

But you had fun! That maglalatik bra clad contestant was no match. :)

Angeli said...

to Jac: Ikaw lang kaya ang kilala kong Jac sa buong mundo. :)

to Surotguy: Well, I don't need a coconut husk... mwhahahahahaha.....

Marts said...

yep, you've got natural coconut husks.. mwahahaha!

I had santol fresh from my boss' farm 2 weeks ago! It was heaavennnn!

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