Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dreaming of Katmandu

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It’s almost 6:00 PM. I spent the day reading an e-book, The Handbook of Good English (while crossing my fingers that I will be able to remember all of the rules, 447 pages of them) and daydreaming about going to Katmandu. I’ve even made a mental list of what to do there: book for a tour of the Himalayas; see the praying wheels at the Monkey Temple then visit the Durbar Square heritage site; sample the local cuisine and shop for kitschy antiques and accessories atop the Swayambhunath Temple. Thinking about it makes me smile. All I have to do now is find somebody who’d want to go there with me. Katmandu, anyone? :)


Anonymous said...

I'll go anywhere where there are no annoying tourists, travelers okay. Can I go with you? :)

Angeli said...

sure, honey. WE will be the annoying tourists. :)

artemis said...

wow, are you seriously going Anj? would love to go but I spent the whole of last year traveling... so naturally, this time is the time to labor for the next travel... wish I win lotto so I don't have to labor! :-)

Angeli said...

oh yes. but i've got to do some convincing first. :)

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