Thursday, June 19, 2008

Why can’t it ever be simple?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Everything’s so much easier then. While we were preoccupied with grades, hanging out, sleeping over, the latest hits on the radio and the minutiae of whims that never fail to amuse us, we never thought that life would be this complicated. Carla wistfully yet succinctly said it: “Hirap talagang tumatanda. Andaming issues. Haaaayyyy…”

The persistent question Jennifer and I have been asking ourselves and each other for years is this: Why can’t it ever be simple? Why do we always end up being hurt? Why do we always end up hurting ourselves? We deliberately enter into something that we know fully well would lead to nothing – our eyes focused on the here and now and blinded to what is out there and what will happen after. Is this a humanist approach to life? Or is it an affliction whose inexorability has chastened us to beaten acceptance?

The momentary truce with life we once begged for has expired. It has, yet again, started to batter us down to our knees and won't let up until there is no fight left in us.


Anonymous said...

not to be pessimistic, but sometimes i hate being a grown up. part of me refuses to embrace adulthood. i miss my simple life.

Angeli said...

Oh, tell me about it. :)
Adulthood is overrated.

Marts said...

I like to leave the complications of adult life by playing with my 3-year-old niece.. it makes me feel good and young, no worries, just enjoying the simple things in life.

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