Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Is Marriage Inevitable?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Is it because it’s the marry month of June? Is it because I’m already 30 and the clock has started ticking? Is it because I have a boyfriend who obviously loves me very much? Why do people – a total of seven for this month and still counting – keep on asking me if wedding bells are in the offing? I always answer, do I have to? If I can get away with it, I won’t. A good, loving relationship does not always have to lead to marriage.

Or does it? Is marriage inevitable?

Getting married, does it ultimately boil down to making the bond legal and, therefore, recognizable by the state? Or is it about exchanging vows in the presence of witnesses - to love and to cherish…till death do us part – and, therefore making it formal and irrevocable? Or is it to make the coupling conform to social norms and standards and, therefore, merit society's approval? Or is it about having the relationship blessed by a Supreme Being? If all couples, on their wedding day, are blessed by The Almighty, how come countless marriages turn out to be cursed?

Like any other girl, I like the idea of the beautiful wedding dress, the flowers, the wedding march—the splendor only weddings can bring. But underneath the pomp and pageantry of the wedding is the reality of the marriage itself and the bittersweet, unrelenting effort needed to make it work.


artemis said...

If we marry based on all those many ridiculous reasons you've already stated, apart from the real reason of "love", I think it is better not to marry...

Angeli said...

but you can still continue loving the person without having to marry him/her..

Marts said...

all the serious things you mentioned aside.. planning the wedding and dressing up was a lot of fun. :D However, I think someone should get married only when they want to. I wanted my wedding, so I had mine. Luckily, my husband agreed. :D

Anonymous said...

for now, i don't intend to get married. i think that's because i learned my lesson the hard way, but i'm not saying i am not capable of love.

i'm back blogging. i'm still in the process of getting my brain to work after my hiatus, so bear with me.

Angeli said...

Kayni, I'm so glad you're back.

Haze, how's married life?

Marts said...

dearie.. married life is a bliss.. if you count (1) not living with your husband (2) still using my maiden name (3) not having our own place to live (4) slaving ourselves in a foreign country.

I miss the pilak girls.

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