Friday, April 11, 2008

Ugh, this man

Friday, April 11, 2008

Were there times when you just want to roll your eyes and mutter, “ugh, this man” but held your tongue for the sake of tact and propriety?

The “ugh moment” comes to me when a man:

  • Approaches me along the cereals lane at the grocery store asking for my number. What makes him think I’d give it to him?
  • Walks inside the room and I can smell his perfume from a three-meter distance. It’s like he wants to announce to the whole world, “Hey, I smell good!”
  • Walks around, always clutching a pillow to himself. Come on, man, grow up. Do you still miss your teddy?
  • In the middle of nowhere, tells his girl, “You can go down now. I don’t want to drive in this kind of traffic.”
  • Takes an half an hour to choose between the cappuccino and the mocha latte.
  • Already presented with some damning evidence of his misconduct, he still has the nerve to lie. Oh man, don’t you have the balls to admit what you’ve done?
  • Has no tolerance for silence when enough has been said.


riky and nina said...

if catechism serves me right, 'man' is the first draft and 'woman', is the real deal. men won't admit this, obviously, but as history proves, behind every great guy is greater girl... and even that pregnant man WAS a woman before he became a man :-0

Anonymous said...

This is so me!

Angeli said...

i just hope she gave you her number.. did she? :)

Anonymous said...

Nope! But nothing ventured nothing gain.

I risked everything and I got more than a phone number. :)

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