Monday, April 7, 2008

Six Months

Monday, April 7, 2008

In this age where relationships have turned as ephemeral as bubble blowing, six months can seem like a lifetime. Months that turn into years and years that turn into a lifetime is what I want to share with you. The consuming pluperfect optative can be sharply limiting but settling for anything less than forever and anybody else but you is grossly unthinkable.

For six, beautiful months we struggled to be together, never losing sight of our dreams. Without you, my love, dreams are just dreams and the majesty of life is naught.


Anonymous said...

D*** it, what is "pluperfect optative"? No wonder I never learned how to conjugate verbs in any language nor know what the heck is past participle. But I know how to tie my shoelace. Hah! Trainable retard I am, huh?

Anyway congratulations to you and your macushla. :)

Angeli said...

"pluperfect optative" is the desire for the utterly perfect.

Thank you. :)

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