Monday, April 28, 2008

risibility and hunger (the B.F. incident)

Monday, April 28, 2008

After a whole day spent revisiting the city, we found ourselves greeted by life-size statues dotting the stairs that lead to the restaurant. As we went in, I noticed that the place was well lit but only half full. We were lead to a corner by a bow-tied waiter, seated with a window view and hidden from everybody else’s line of sight. Is this where they usually seat couples? Do we look as if we need privacy? We asked each other laughingly. 10, 20, 30 minutes have passed and still no waiter arrived to get our orders. We watched a group of barong-clad men arrive, choose a table near ours, order as if they’ve already memorized the menu, eat without the usual chitchat, pay and leave – the entire process we saw without a single waiter paying us attention. They’ve forgotten all about us, we said, amused. We just sat there without food, content to feast our eyes on each other, our risibilities compensating for our hunger and the waiters’ neglect.

So happy we were that we could have stayed there all night not caring whether the waiters waited on us or just left us alone all throughout the evening.


Anonymous said...

Saan ko nga nadlaw no mano nga minuto nga nagur-uray kami ti waiter. Uray no agsara-aw ti tiyan ko gapu ti bisin saan ko nga narikna gapu ti sam-it ti isem tay kadduak nga nalapsat balasang.

Angeli said...

what is "nalapsat"? :)

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