Monday, March 10, 2008

My Edward

Monday, March 10, 2008

“No woman was ever nearer to her mate than I am: ever more absolutely bone of his bone, and flesh of his flesh. I know no weariness of my Edward’s society: he knows none of mine, any more than we each do of the pulsation of the heart that beats in our separate bosoms; consequently, we are ever together. To be together is for us to be at once as free as in solitude, as gay as in company. We talk, I believe, all day long: to talk to each other is but a more animated and audible thinking. All my confidence is bestowed upon him, all his confidence is devoted to me; we are precisely suited in character – perfect concord is the result.”

- Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre


Anonymous said...

Edward was ugly but rich. Isn't life a bitch. :)

Angeli said...

..and blind and crippled. but he has his Jane who loves him very much. Life is good. :)

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