Saturday, March 1, 2008

Geographically Challenged

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Though it’s difficult to be in a geographically challenged relationship, my boyfriend and I are somehow making it work.

Each day spent apart is an agony. The yearning to be with each other is so strong that sometimes it drowns out all other feelings and makes me just want to sleep and sleep until he comes home and be the one to wake me up. There is exquisite pain in longing for something so simple yet so unattainable, like being able to touch his hand or see him laugh. I finally found the one I want to spend the rest of my life with, but that life still cannot start because he is so far away. The thing we both want most in life glitters before our eyes, almost within our grasp but for now still beyond our reach.

Despite the distance, we manage to keep our bond strong. We take solace in hearing each other’s voices over the phone and exchanging emails and SMS that express how we feel. Being constantly in touch makes us stay involved in even the most mundane detail of each other’s day-to-day life, in spite of being physically apart. Slacking and sulking are not tolerated. We do not pretend that something’s okay if it’s not. Resentments and disappointments are never bottled up; they are always brought up, argued over and resolved. Nothing is taken for granted and even the briefest SMS is sent and received like a precious gift. Beneath the untiring exchange of I-love-you-so-much and I-miss-you is the unyielding resolve to keep the fire in our hearts burning.

Trusting each other completely and accepting that being apart now is necessary for us to be together for always make all the waiting more bearable. Above all else, our geographically challenged relationship works because it is built on nothing else but love.


Dizzying Heights said...

Hmmm... You only want to hold his hands and hear him laugh? :)

Angeli said...

for starters... :)

Unbridled Ecstacy said...

How about going to the moon and back together? :)

Angeli said...

that's even better.. :)

Angeli said...

..scaling dizzying heights of unbridled ecstasy together..


ninaparton said...

6 billion people on this earth and how do you find that one person? consider yourself favoured by fate to know who you want. many among us live and die never knowing the bliss of that true kiss.

"i will swim oceans for you and walk to you if i have to, but now that i found you, nothing can keep me from you..."richard 2003

Angeli said...

like you and richard, it was meant to be. :)

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