Wednesday, February 6, 2008

country music

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

We were inside a cab, on our way to Tam-awan Village, when my honey saw me mouthing the lyrics of an obscure country song being played on the radio. OMG! I got caught! My deepest secret revealed. My shameful, guilty pleasure discovered! My reputation shattered! He was shocked to discover that I have a thing for country music. He thought that I only listen to highfalutin opera music. Well, I’m into bluegrass, too! It’s a bit embarrassing to admit but ever since, I get a kick out of listening to Conway Twitty crooning Don’t Cry Joni. If you grew up listening to dzwr 99.9 Magic (now called 99.9 country) on FM radio and surrounded with people wearing leather or suede jackets, plaid shirts, and steel toe boots - like I did - you’d surely appreciate country music, too.


riky and nina said...

used to go to a place near the marcos hi-way paradahan... i forgot what it was called but great country music there. the aussies i used to work with dance to the tune of garth brook's friends in low places... a wonderful time... i miss the country music channel. rik can't believe we listen to folk, let alone have a radio/cable channel dedicated to it. Hurray to you! cute yung song ni kenny chesney (you got me at hello)

Anonymous said...

no worries, i listen to country music too. i'm playing county music on my work computer now.xxxKayni

Anonymous said...

The "people wearing leather or suede jackets, plaid shirts, and steel toe boots" are pejoratively called rednecks in my backyard. That said you may be subconsciously avoiding being associated with this group, Ms. College Educated. :) Hah!

Time to fess up. Tell the world your favorite song ever is Billy Ray Cyrus' Achy Breaky Heart. lol :)

Angeli said...

you are so mistaken, mister. i am, and will always be, a part of that group. :)

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