Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

For the past few days, virtually everything annoys me – from not getting responses to my emails, to hearing music played too loud, to seeing work haphazardly done, to bad LAN connections, to being greeted “Happy Birthday”, to being forced to go to the dentist, to the galloping abuse of office and public trust and the inveterate folly we see daily on the news, to my allergies, to applicants who do not show up for their interviews, to the suffocating scent of perfume inside the elevator.

I wonder why.


JEN said...

Jill, baka-PMS? or midlife crisis? hehehe... But well, you are entitled to get annoyed at times...believe me, YOU ARE JUST FINE... :)

Angeli said...

mare, menopause siguro ito.. or old age.. hahaha

see you in eleven months, yey! :)

Daddo said...

I think you are not alone.

My instincts tell me that millions of hungry Filipinos are more than annoyed by the abuses of public trust.

Angeli said...

does it annoy you, too?

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