Thursday, December 20, 2007

Things That I Miss

Thursday, December 20, 2007
  • Hanging out with the Pilak Girls
  • Road runs
  • The 20 minute bus ride to PMA where from the window, all you can see are rows and rows of pine trees
  • Looking at mountains abloom with sunflowers, a.k.a. marapait
  • The mildewy smell of our house in Baguio
  • Studying my ass off for an exam
  • The local inihaw na mais – not those Japanese ones
  • Fog
  • Binatog with evaporated milk and sugar
  • Intellectual orgies with my classmates
  • Wearing turtlenecks, mufflers and bonnets
  • Fixing my sister’s hair before she goes to school
  • Traditional, handwritten love letters
  • My grandmother's cooking
  • Attending the numerous parties (a.k.a. fiesta) at Jen’s place where even the barangay’s basketball court couldn’t accommodate all the guests
  • Sans rival
  • Going through my mother’s books to find a good read
  • Reading real newspapers, not the online version
  • Going to the movies
  • Singing in the choir
  • Benguet coffee, brewed
  • Chicken mami loaded with paminta and paired with siopao at Sunshine Lunch
  • The Panagpagna Festival


ninaparton said...

best sans rival is at sizzling plate in baguio, next is red ribbon's,,, mmmm yummy!!!

Angeli said...

I agree!!!! :)

JEN said...

Nine of those twenty-one you listed are things i likewise miss as well...And i miss them SORELY... Im aching just getting reminded of all the mundane but otherwise homey stuff you just mentioned...And jill, you might want to add...The chicken mami and siopao at Sunshine Lunch/pinikpikan/fishball/ukay-ukay and the Panagpagna festival(Panangbenga)... Oh my...:(

Daddo said...

I think I owe my girlfriend a handwritten love letter. Oops!

Angeli said...

Yes, you do! She's been waiting.. :)

Angeli said...

Jen, mare, pag-uwi mo, we'll do some of those things that we miss, ha? Promise? :)

JEN said...

Sure mare! I will see you December of 2009... Ngayon pa lang excited na ako... I hope the other PILAK gurls will be around by then... What are the chances you would have been married or engaged by then? Looking forward to seeing you guys and enjoying the old times... :)

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