Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Effort to Look Effortlessly Striking

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The pains us ladies take to be aesthetically pleasing and our efforts to look effortlessly striking can be downright ludicrous. We are having our company Christmas Ball on Friday and us girls are going gaga over what dress we'd wear as well as the matching shoes and accoutrements - necessary and unnecessary - that would complete our look. We obsess about having our hair, nails, and makeup done to perfection. Them boys, being boys, could not care less.

Imagine the dilemma we are facing: will she wear the maroon, corset-inspired gown or the forest green, backless, velvet halter; do I wear the pink and gold, sweet-sixteen number or the vampy, cleavage-baring, little black dress; does she wear the aubergine gown with the matching shawl or the more conservative peach?
Will it be the strappy stilettos or the classy pumps?

Oh, what a perplexing yet ridiculous situation we put ourselves in!


Anonymous said...

wow, it's amazing you have Christmas parties like that. we had our company holiday lunch last week. we just went to a french-belgian restaurant, ate and drank the night away. we were in casual clothing. i like it that way.

Anonymous said...

Just hoping you don't kiss the right frog at the ball. ;)

Angeli said...

my kisses are already reserved for someone else/ :)

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