Monday, December 3, 2007

December Has Come

Monday, December 3, 2007

Once December sets in, there are changes – some almost imperceptible, others quite apparent - that can be seen and felt. Nights are nippier; Hearts are afire with hope, gratitude and cheer; Children are bursting with anticipation for the holiday treats that they’d receive; Adults are looking forward to the much-needed vacation and family time, the partying, and the year-end bonuses; Dazzling lights and spectacular displays can be seen everywhere, reminding everyone that Christmas is just around the corner. Suddenly, there is this strong impulse to buy, buy and buy as if there is no more tomorrow.

In the midst of this thick, exuberant air pervading the whole country are some people who feel extra morose and anti-festive. Their inner melancholia surfaces during this time of the year. For them, December is not a time for celebration but of reckoning. What have you done for the past year? Was it enough? Have you accomplished anything worthwhile? Some do not welcome the coming of the New Year. Instead, they are solicitous and a bit despondent about the future. What will the new year bring us? Another year of sorrow? Will it ever get any better? For others, the holiday season illuminates and emphasizes their lonesomeness. It heightens the need to love and be loved in return.

Concealed from everyone else, I, myself, used to feel despondent, lonesome and apprehensive whenever December comes. But not anymore. The internal bleeding of my melancholia has been staunched and my solitude, muffled.


Anonymous said...

Happy Festivus everyone!

Angeli said...

Got yourself a pole already? i've one in my flat. :)

Happy Festivus!

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