Sunday, November 25, 2007

different stories

Sunday, November 25, 2007

We used to be inseparable, my dear. You weren't just a friend to me. You were my sister. Have we grown apart? I think not. Everyday, somebody from Akron, Ohio visits my page. I know it's you. Who else from that faraway place would be interested in what's happening with my life?

Remember, we used to dream of this, “sana kapag magkita tayo, iba naman ang pag-usapan natin.” I think it's different with me, now. When we meet again, the stories I'd tell you would be about another man and other things. The sob stories would be replaced by happy ones. And I know, yours would be different, too.

Things have changed. We really are getting old, mare.


Daddo said...

Another man? Does your boyfriend know? ;)

Angeli said...

My boyfriend IS the "another man". :)

JEN said...

I would always remain the same old Spinster Sister you had and still have...and true enough I admit to checking your blog everyday...your daily activities, your random thoughts still interest me...I will call you one of these days...and truly,things have changed,our life stories have evolved into something more interesting...but our friendship and sisterhood will remain constant despite time and distance... Miss you!!!

Angeli said...

mare, i miss you, too. i miss the good old days.. go for the classic! you can always brush your teeth again! love you mare..

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